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Tips For Perfect Smile

July 2019

We love to champion healthy and white smiles and throughout National Smile Month we have been sharing our tips for perfect smiles! These simple and easy tips will have you well onto your way to perfect teeth. Make sure you share your smiles on Twitter with #MyJaninaSmile too.

Floss daily

You may think your toothbrush can reach all areas of your teeth, but flossing your teeth reaches in between your teeth and along the gum line that your toothbrush can’t reach!

Visit your dentist regularly

You wouldn’t miss a haircut appointment, would you? Get regular MOT checks for your teeth and if recommended by your dentist, visit your hygienist for a clean and polish.

Brush for two minutes twice a day

It might be an obvious tip, but some studies show people are brushing their teeth for less than two minutes twice a day or only once a day! This can lead to serious plaque build-up, as well as other complications for your teeth.

Use a toothpaste suited to your teeth

If you find your teeth veer on the sensitive side, we recommend the Janina Ultra White Sensitive Toothpaste or for a teeth whitening boost the Janina Ultra White Maxiwhite Super Strength Toothpaste is your perfect match. See which toothpaste you should try with our blog post.

Avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth

Common drinks such as tea and coffee and food like curry and berries can all stain your teeth, so cutting down on the frequency of them can help improve the appearance of your teeth. Visit our Foods To Avoid For Whiter Teeth blog post for more information.