Janina Ultra White - Low abrasion teeth whitening


The Benefits of using Janina Ultra White

July 2019

We love showing off our white and health smiles, and especially throughout National Smile Month with our Janina Ultra White products. Having a good sense of oral care and hygiene is proven to boost your mood and confidence, whilst decreasing the appearance of gum disease too.

So what are the benefits of using Janina Ultra White?

They’re low abrasive. Instead of using harsh ingredients like silica which can damage the enamel, we use ingredients which help to lift stains from teeth whilst promoting good oral health.

They’re clinically proven. Our toothpaste and treatment product formulas are clinically proven to lift stains for visibly whiter teeth and our Maxiwhite Pre-Filled Trays are proven to whiten teeth by up to 7 shades in just 5 days.

They include a whitening patented Bromaine Complex. This complex includes natural fruit enzymes Papain from papaya and Bromalaine from pineapple to whiten teeth instantly.

They’re great for every day use. Maintain healthy and white teeth everyday with our daily toothpastes, foam or spray then for a whitening boost try the strips or trays for a clear and white smile!

They have great reviews. Our Boots customers have been fans for many years and beauty bloggers Joyce and Stephanie have been enjoying our latest launches for whiter teeth.