New - Janina Ultra White 24K Gold Brightening Mouthwash


Janina Ultra White

Janina 24K Gold Mouthwash

JANINA Ultra White 24k Gold Brightening Mouthwash contains Bromaine Complex, a combination of natural enzymes to safely whiten teeth, and 24K Gold, known to have regenerative and anti-inflammatory benefits, which can be helpful in preventing caries and gingivitis.

The “Shake to activate” formula helps purify breath and release extra freshness, thanks to the ultra-refreshing Double Mint Flavour.

It is also excellent to help remove stains from coffee, tea, nicotine, and red wine, for a dazzling smile.


Product Benefits

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Active Formula

This formula contains the Whitening Patented Bromaine Complex, a combination of natural enzymes (Bromelaine from Pineapple and Papain from Papaya) and Colloidal Gold gold particles for it’s regenerative and anti-inflammatory benefits




24K Gold Brightening Mouthwash


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