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Tips For Smiling Everyday for National Smile Month

Did you know that a smile helps to improve your mood by pumping endorphin’s around your body? Smiling can also de-stress and reduce anxiety, try it next time you have that big presentation coming up! For National Smile Month, we’re getting involved in promoting awareness of a healthy and white smile – and throughout the month we’ll be hosting competitions and offers, so make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter (top right of this page) and following us in Twitter and Facebook too.

On to our tips for smiling every day:

– Start with a positive quote
Choose something that will uplift your mood and add a smile to your face. One of our favourites is “Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”

– Eat mood boosting foods
Foods such as Brazil nuts, oats, bananas and dark chocolate are proven to lift your mood for long periods of time.

– Hit the gym
Try going for a run or workout in the morning to start your day right. It’s been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and give you more energy = more smiles!

– Give a compliment
Make someone else smile today and give them a compliment! If you like someone’s shoes on the train or a colleague gave a great presentation, make sure they know about it.

– Read a funny story
It’s not all doom and gloom each morning, try reading an article from Sunny Skyz, who only promote good news or watch a BBC News video for a positive start to your day.

– Listen to music
Choosing songs which remind you of past happy memories is proven to lift your mood and add a smile to your face. Pick your favourites and add them to a playlist.

What are your tips for smiling everyday?

How To Get Involved In National Smile Month With Janina Ultra White

From 15th May to 15th June, we’ll be celebrating National Smile Month, a national awareness month which promotes good and healthy oral care!

Here at Janina Ultra White HQ we’ll be hosting competitions and giveaways on our Twitter and Facebook pages, there will be a bunch of beauty bloggers sharing their favourite teeth whitening products and how they’ll be smiling throughout the month, plus you’ll be treated to a host of exclusive content with our newsletter, just sign up at the top right of this page.

Don’t forget to share your #MyJaninaSmile and #NationalSmileMonth on Twitter – and we’ll share your post!

Happy National Smile Month everyone.

Your Daily Oral Care Guide

Did you know one in four people believe electric toothbrushes are for lazy people? Tests have proven that electric toothbrushes are more effect at removing plaque than manual toothbrushes. We’re here to give you your Daily Oral Care Guide:

– Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time with an electric toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Your dentist isn’t lying when they remind you each time you visit for a check-up. Our favourite toothpaste to use is the Janina Ultra White Activated Charcoal Toothpaste to lift stains and refresh the breath.

– Floss once each day, preferably in the evening and before brushing your teeth. Tooth floss helps to reach the places your toothbrush can’t, so that’s why we recommend doing this before you brush and in the evening.

– Only use mouth way before brushing your teeth and when needed. Your toothpaste will include fluoride, a proven ingredient to help prevent dental decay by at least 40%. If you use mouth wash after brushing your teeth, you’ll be washing away all the protective fluoride on your teeth!

– Avoid drinking too much tea, coffee and red wine as these can stain your teeth. With Janina Ultra White Toothpaste and Teeth Whitening products, they’re proven to lift stains for whiter teeth. Check out our post for Foods To Avoid For Whiter Teeth.

– Visit your dentist twice a year and if recommended, visit your hygienist when needed too. The dentist will be able to give you advice for keeping your oral health in top condition and provide an oral care MOT too. (We’ve just made that up.)

– Change your toothbrush every 2-3 months. You wouldn’t run your car on a flat tyre would you? Toothbrushes become worn and less effective over time and can bread bacteria too, so it’s essential you change them often.

Agen Bandarkiu Terpercaya & paling baik dikala Ini

Halo sohib judi bandarkiu, di artikel ini kita bakal membahas lebih dalam berkenaan bandarkiu online yg yaitu salah satu tipe permainan judi yg pass menguntungkan & sanggup dimainkan bersama memanfaatkan card remi. Sebenarnya permainan judi bandarkiu online ini yakni games yg memanfaatkan card remi dgn kombinasi yg sama bersama permainan judi poker online. Dalam bandarkiu sendiri kamu pun mampu meraih kombinasi seperti nomor wahid royal flush, straight flush, four of kind & jenis-jenis kombinasi yang lain. kepada dasarnya prinsip permainan ini tujuannya buat memperoleh susunan tang sesuai dari bawah keatas bersama kombinasi paling akbar ke kombinasi paling mungil. Nah di artikel ini kita dapat membahas permainan judi bandarkiu online yg mana ialah salah satu games paling slow & lumayan memakan ketika. Berikut ini yaitu petunjuk buat kamu berkaitan trik main judi bandarkiu di internet.

Beberapa step dalam main bandarkiu sendiri mesti berkenaan istilah-istilah yg ada di dalam permainan ini seperti jenis-jenis card hinga system permainannya sendiri. Sebelum itu, kita dapat membahas system permainan judi bandarkiu itu senidri di mana sebenarnya nyaris sama dgn permainan judi poker online. cuma saja dalam permainan ini diurutkan dari bawah keatas. pada awal mulanya kamu dapat menerima 13 card dengan cara acak & pekerjaan kamu utk menyusun kartu-kartu tersebut jadi kombinasi yg keren & terhadap hasilnya dapat memenangkan putaran ronde. Dalam menyusun card ini pula tak boleh sembarangan, ada aturannya sendiri. card yg paling mungil disusun paling atas contohnya High kartu atau One pair. Sedangkan card bersama kombinasi paling tinggi disusun paling bahwa. misalnya disini aku mempunyai card four of kind, full house & one pair. Maka susunan yg benar dari bawah keatas ( Four Of Kind – Full House – One Pair ). setelah itu utk ketika dalam menyusun kartu-kartu ini tidaklah lama cuma lebih kurang 1 menit saja buat seluruh pemain. Dalam permainan judi bandarkiu ada 1 orang yg bertindak sbg badar. kamu pula mampu menyimpan taruhan dgn pemain lain bersama persetujuan mereka lebih-lebih dulu. maka kemenangan kamu sanggup double.

Nah apabila kamu telah mengetahui trick main games bandarkiu ini, berikut merupakan panduan berikutnya. Dalam permainan ini yg dibutuhknan yakni ketelitan kamu diwaktu mengolah & menyusun card. janganlah hingga kombinasi yg kamu susun tak serasi bersama kombinasi card paling atas. kalau berlangsung seperti itu sanggup menjadi kamu bakal kalah telak waktu main-main di putaran ronde perdana. janganlah enteng terburu-buru & pastikan bersama cek kartu-kartu anda.

Kesalahan yg tidak jarang Dilakukan Oleh Para Pemain
Dalam main judi bandarkiu sendiri sangat sering berjalan kesalahan dialami para pemain pemula seperti penempatan kombinasi card dari atas yg paling agung & setelah itu ke bawah ke paling mungil. walau card kamu mempunyai kombinasi gede namun salah penempatan serta tak bakal masuk hitungan & kamu sanggup kalah. setelah itu yg ke-2 yaitu dikala yg tak pass disaat menyusun tiap-tiap card utk jadi kombinasi yg di inginkan maka kekalahan pun didapatkan. Nah dari sini kamu mesti memang menggali ilmu buat sanggup main games bandarkiu yg ialah games slow namun pun susah buat di praktekan. Terimakasih.

Life Hacks You Can Do With Your Toothpaste

We told you two years ago the amazing things you can do with toothpaste – and now it’s time for an updated version! If you thought toothpaste only cleaned your teeth, read on and be surprised…

– Cleans bathroom taps. Because toothpaste has been formulated to break down plaque and food debris on the teeth, it works as well to remove grime and dirt on taps too!

– Whiten piano keys. You know piano keys can become discoloured and dirty after a while? Use a little toothpaste on a cloth and gently buff in until the marks have disappeared.

– Clean your iron. Like your bathroom tap, toothpaste has been known to clean away black marks left on the iron to reveal a cleaner and smoother surface!

– Relieve bites and burns. For serious bites and burns, we recommend consulting your doctor but for minor bites and burns, toothpaste is a lifesaver. Just apply a small amount to the affected area and the toothpaste helps to reduce any swelling.

– Clean your walls. Fed up of scuff and crayon marks? Toothpaste makes light work of this, with just a small amount on a dry cloth and all your marks are gone and your walls are back.

– Whiten trainers. The white rubber around the edge of trainers is prone to dirty marks, but a little toothpaste removes dirt fast. Try using an old toothbrush to scrub away marks!

What’s your best life hack with toothpaste?

You can get Janina Ultra White Toothpaste from Boots stores or through

Why You Need Our Teeth Whitening Foam

Find some teeth whitening toothpastes too harsh for your teeth? Our latest innovation is the ultra-low abrasive Teeth Whitening Foam, with a special Oxygenating Technology. When Sodium Percarbonate comes into contact with water or saliva, it forms a teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide which whitens teeth rapidly and effectively without the harsh abrasives. It is also able to dissolve particles and penetrate hard to reach places that regular toothpastes cannot reach.

The Janina Ultra White Clean & White Teeth Whitening Foam is proven to:
– Clean
– Help maintain whiteness
– Help remove and prevent stains
– Leave your mouth feeling fresh
– Help prevent cavities

Simply use like a normal toothpaste and brush for 2 minutes twice a day and spit out the excess – and see your teeth turn whiter every day!

It’s the perfect travel companion and ideal for taking to the gym or refreshing after work.

Find the Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening Foam in Boots stores and online, RRP £13.

What is the Bromaine Complex?

What makes Janina Ultra White special is our whitening patented Bromaine Complex, the science behind our teeth whitening results. The Bromaine Complex is a combination of natural fruit enzymes which effectively lifts teeth stains and leave them looking whiter than before.

The fruit enzymes are Bromelain from Pineapple and Papain from Papaya, which when combined form a low abrasive teeth whitening action. All our toothpastes include the Bromelain Complex to enhance they properties and whiten your teeth without the harsh abrasives!

*Unfortunately it’s not one of your five-a-day!

How To Keep Fresh Breath All Day

Everyone suffers from bad breath, whether it’s from foods that you eat to how often you clean your teeth, gums and tongue. With that in mind, it’s important to clean your teeth twice a day and practice healthy oral care each day, but what happens when your bad breath just won’t go away?

1. Drink Water. 2 liters of water per day is the recommended allowance, which helps to keep bacteria away and maintain the pH level of your mouth.

2. Brush and floss each day. Not only does your dentist tell you this, but cleaning your teeth twice a day for two minutes removes the build-up of plaque and bacteria left by food which contributes to smelly breath.

3. Clean your tongue. Again, bacteria sticks to your taste buds and you know whatever food you’ve been having that day, you’ll still be able to taste and smell it later!

4. Replace your toothbrush. Every three to four months is a good time to change your toothbrush as old and frayed bristles are less effective on plaque and bacteria build-up.

5. Choose a spray. The easiest way to freshen and eliminate bad breath is with a toothpaste spray. The Janina Ultra White Instant White Teeth Whitening Spray doesn’t require water or brushing, just swish for 1 minute and spit for cleaner and whiter teeth.

What are your tips for fresh breath?

Why I need an electric toothbrush

Plaque beware!

Most dentists will recommend you use an electric toothbrush, and we agree. Electric toothbrushes are proven to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush and reduce gum problems, as well as improving your overall oral health with longer use.

The big advantage of electric toothbrushes is that they do all the work for you – all they require is that you charge them and replace the toothbrush head every few months. The trick is to use them correctly and using them like a manual toothbrush is a big no-no. Instead, place the brush head against each individual tooth and let it do the rest. Choosing the correct brush head is a personal option as the rounder heads may suit others, whilst some prefer the oval sizes with different brushing techniques.

Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly for two minutes, twice a day and have regular check ups with your dentist!